Professional Movie and Commercial Theatre Screen Cleaning Kits 


Historically, Texas-based has provided total professional, guaranteed front-end cleaning of  Screens, Maskings, and Curtains/Drapes as well as Wall Covering, Vents and Speakers to U.S. Movie and Commercial Theatres for almost two decades. Theatre also has provided Fire Retardation and certification services. We have been committed to helping theatres deliver the best presentation possible by optimizing the life cycle of the screen's patina surface, observing and adhering to Kodak Screen Luminance Standards. has experience cleaning over 50,000 movie screens. also markets end-user Screen Cleaning Kits for Movie and Commercial Theatres. Consisting of microfiber cleaning pads, light weight equipment, and's solvents and cleaning instructions, Kits may be utilized for the variety of typical screen types.'s biodegradable Wash and Rinse solutions are streak resistant and will not harm the screen’s delicate optical finish. The replenishable Kits, marketed at , comfortably enable Movie and Commercial Theatres to clean their own screens just like's professionals. After all, they are using the most utilized and advanced Screen Cleaning process on the market. Movie and Commercial Theatres can save thousands of dollars while giving patrons the presentation they paid-for and deserve! has been involved with providing services for multiple thousands of screens in a majority of U.S.  theatre exhibitors. We'd like to thank all of our customers for their business. welcomes them and all new customers to visit and purchase their professional Movie and Commercial Theatre Screen Cleaning Kits  
at . 

For information just call us! 805.727.3365 (805-Screen5) or email Contact Us!Please contact us with any questions or whenever you need professional Screen Cleaning Kits.


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