Movie And Commercial Theatre Screen Cleaning Kits To Brighten Screens for:

BIG SCREEN PRESENTATION EXCELLENCE has been servicing the Movie and Commercial (and Home) theatre markets for over 16-years.  We have marketed end-user movie Screen Cleaning Kits as well as onsite movie screen cleaning and other services. Our Kits, available at, have been developed by combining our experience and applicable screen cleaning tools into affordable Screen Cleaning Kits that are easily utilized by our Movie and Commercial Theatre customers. Our Kits are applicable to movie, flat panel display, and LCD screens.

Professional Movie and Commercial Theatre Screen Cleaning Kits  

Based on microfiber technology, lightweight hardware and our proprietary, professional-grade cleaning fluids, Movie and Commercial Theatre end-users' can clean their own movie screens on par with our own professionals because we also include our professional screen cleaning instructions, secrets, and tips in our Screen Cleaning Kits.

And better yet, Movie and Commercial Theatres' can purchase our replenishable Kits and clean all of their screens for about the same cost of a professional 3rd-party's cleaning of a single screen! Now not only can Movie and Commercial Theatre operators minimize the costs paid to 3rd parties for Screen Cleaning, about $100.00 per screen, they can finally afford to properly care for their movie screens. No need to wait for 12 or more months between Screen Cleanings because of prohibitive costs. Now, with our Kit, proper Screen Cleaning can be done quarterly, and proper screen dusting can be completed monthly or more often based on the individual user's circumstances.

Presentation differentiation is the name of the game and with our Screen Cleaning Kits, our Movie and Commercial Theatre customers really stay on top of their game.

So if you want to draw and  keep more patrons or if you don't want to settle for second-rate presentations, don't delay.  Order you replenishable Movie and Commercial Theatre Screen Cleaning Kits at, today!


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