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About Movie Theatre Screen Cleaning

Optimal movie presentation demands clean screens, but keeping screens clean is difficult because of the normal operation of a public space but often times more so due to the methods used to clean auditoriums. Janitors typically use vacuum-blowers to blow debris from the back to the front of the auditorium. The major debris is piled up and dumped into a trash can and oftentimes the small debris, dust and dirt are literally "blown" or pushed under the front-end's lower curtain or masking. The process is repeated over and over again throughout the year. Unfortunately, the HVAC system and front-end screens and presentation system repeatedly get the brunt of the dirt and dust. Dust coatings build up and the HVAC system recycles the airborne dust, blowing it back into the air for settlement onto the front-end presentation systems - as well as other areas.

Due to the cycle illustrated above, recommends screen cleaning and screen dusting should be done quarterly and monthly, respectively. If not, dim presentations result. Your personal observations of the dim presentation on a dirty LCD panel or television display represent good examples of the decreased image brightness on a dusty movie screen.

However, due to an average cost of about $100.00 per screen by 3rd part services, most movie theatres rarely have their screens cleaned twice a year, with many adhering to an annual or longer schedule. In today's competitive movie theatre market, dirty, dim screens cost patronage and the cascading effect of lost concession revenues.

Recognizing this,'s offering of its Screen Cleaning Kits via, turns the financial equations upside down in the theatres' favor. Now theatres can buy a replenishable Screen Cleaning Kit to clean all of their screens for about the cost of one professional 3rd-party screen cleaning of just one screen! This break through pricing enables theatres to finally put together an economic quarterly screen cleaning and monthly screen dusting schedule to offset the above "screen dust and dirt cycle".

Of course, front-ends would remain cleaner longer if janitorial methods were changed, too, but regularly removing the dust and dirt from the screen goes a long way toward giving patrons the best presentation possible, all things being equal, which is an important loyalty differentiator in today's competitive market.
 to order a professional Screen Cleaning Kit for your theatre.

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